How-To Videos

These how-to videos are meant to teach you some stretches and other exercises that you can do at home for pain relief.  Watch Dr. Stephens and our athletic trainer, Nick, provide instruction.

3 Level Doorway Stretches

This is the first in a video series on stretches that will help you feel better. Visit our website to learn more about our practice at These are called 3 Level Doorway Stretches and are very helpful if you sit for long periods at work or at home.

Un-Knot Trigger Points

Join us as Dr. John Stephens shows us how to un-knot those muscles that have turned into trigger points using a sock and a tennis ball. Learn more by visiting our website at

Trigger Point Release

Our next video in our series on Home Trigger Point Release Techniques, we hope this series is helpful, please visit our website to learn more at and never wait for your therapy, be seen within 24 hours. If you found this video helpful please share it with your friends too!

Stephens Pain Recovery Center Inc.

This is another video in our continuing series, featuring Nick, our athletic trainer as he discusses mid to lower back pain and how to stretch for relief, for more information visit our website at or call 330-626-4300 and be seen within 24 hours.