Physical Therapy

Personalized Physical Therapy

At Stephens Pain Recovery Center, you will receive the best care possible from therapists who create personalized physical therapy plans tailored to your specific injury to get you back in top form as soon as possible.

The therapists at Stephens Pain Recovery Center have more than 20 years of experience and are certified in strengthening, conditioning, and use of flex bands. With on-site X-rays and same-day appointments available, Stephens Pain Recovery Center will help you achieve a speedy recovery from injury.

Our Physical Therapy services include:

If you are not able to recover through our physical therapy techniques, we can make a referral within our excellent network of family doctors and orthopedics.

Post-surgical rehabilitation


Personalized strength conditioning


Orthopedic physical therapy


Degenerative joint disease


Hip disorders

Knee injuries

Musculoskeletal physical therapy

Back and neck pain

Carpal tunnel

Tennis elbow


Repetitive motion disorders



Muscle stimulation